The Nursery

The business was found in the year 1980 at Alikianos town. The founder was the late Emmanuel - Aggelis - Papoutsakis

Initially he was producing and offering Citrus trees, Olive trees and Avocados. His clients were mainly producers and farmers from the Chania Prefecture area.

Early 2000, the business passed under the management of George - Emmanuel Papoutsakis and at the same time moved in an area of 12 Acres. In the new location the setup was technologically modern.

"Papoutsakis Tree Nursery" added to its product many more trees varieties and expanded the area of business for wholesale and retail past the borders of Chania Prefecture.

The coming years produced it's own Stock for Planting Trees in the most of it's products collecting the healthiest specimens for the nursery.

Citrus Trees: Selected Grafts checked to be virus free for all the old but also to the new varieties. The nursery uses and tries other rootstock besides the Bitter orange Stock like Citrumelo Swingle 4475 and Volkameriana.

Ελιά: The nursery created it's own Stock of trees. It produced it's own Koroneiki variety and uses stems to inosculate and produce new healthy trees.

Mango: The Nursery produced it's own Stock, for all the main varieties using Gomera-1 rootstock for the production of Mango trees as a new tree variety mostly for growing in Greenhouses.

Avocado: The nursery takes very seriously the production of the Avocado trees having many year long experience. It produces Avocado trees of all the main varieties and offers them mostly for producers and farmers in the Chania Prefecture.

Finally "Papoutsakis Tree Nursery" can offer a wide range of several other fruit bearing trees.